The Comfy Rose Collection is all about comfortability. We offer the comfy, stretchy but CUTE! Here at TCRC, we do all things lounge. You will find pieces that you can run errands in but also pieces that you can have a relaxing or sexy evening in.

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What is The Comfy Rose Collection?

My name is Autumn, the founder of The Comfy Rose Collection. The Comfy Rose Collection was created for the betterment of confidence in women. I began TCRC when I was 23 y/o, in a deep depression still trying to find myself again after having my daughter. Post partum I was at home a lot, I found that the only thing kept me sane was new pajamas. I literally looked forward to my evening bath and putting on fresh new pajamas! I wanted to give other women the same release so, WELCOME!

"Often times we fail to appreciate ourselves and we tend to not love our bodies. Begin loving your body as it is now, and there is no better place to start than at home."

Love, Autumn